Hi, I'm Eleanor

I'm a certified Business Psychologist and Work Coach.


 I help female entrepreneurs and professionals with long term health conditions, build successful, fulfilling and flexible businesses and careers without feeling that they are compromising their wellbeing or sanity!

Does this feel like you on a regular basis?

Your alarm goes off in the morning and you roll over dreading  going to work after a bad night’s sleep managing a pain flare up. 

You feel overwhelmed at the thought of a long day at work hiding how you feel,  you start to doubt your ability and question whether you can even cope having a job.

You wish you could set up your own business around your condition. You have so many ideas but you feel overwhelmed at the thought of where to start and doubt whether you would ever be able to be a successful entrepreneur whilst coping with your health condition. 

 You feel fed up of trying to justify your idiosyncratic ways of working to your colleagues and managers, tired of trying to adapt to everyone else's way of working and keeping up with the 'norm'. You feel powerless to advocate for yourself to receive more support.

Managing a chronic condition and building a business can be exhausting but it doesn't have to be that way, imagine feeling like this instead.....

Your alarm goes off in the morning and you roll over feeling refreshed and ready to get to work, the recent flare up of symptoms hasn’t phased you, you’re feeling confident, armed and ready to handle whatever happens! You know how to bring your body back into balance, because you are in control of your symptoms now, they no longer control you.


You’ve discovered the secret edge that your condition gives you- it’s no longer something that defines or hinders you- your inner strength, grit and courage have now been revealed and you feel like a boss- it’s been a eyeopening game changer.



You no longer feel like the office flake, left out, disconnected and dis-empowered, you now know your worth, make your voice heard, articulate your needs and share your amazing ideas and talents with confidence and style!

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“I would highly recommend Example Coaching and Consulting. Eleanor helped me to get back on track and build my confidence which I lost when my PMDD symptoms became so severe. Eleanor is kind, friendly, non-judgemental (which is great when you know your behaviour is so irrational!) and knowledgeable. I cannot thank Eleanor enough for helping me through such a difficult time.
Thank you!”


"I found Eleanor very professional and approachable. She helped me in a number of ways. I came away with practical and achievable goals to work on. And we also highlighted and looked at some negative thought processes that were holding me back. Enabling me to work through these to achieve my goals."


"Eleanor clearly has a great wealth of knowledge which is equally matched by her friendly and professional manner when coaching. I felt really understood and came away with some fantastic, practical tools to help me with my future plans."


“The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.”

Mary Pickford


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