Dream Career Matchmaker

Does this sound like you…

In the morning you dread the sound of your alarm and despise the thought of going into work.



At work, you’re made to feel like a burden, a weak link, lacking any discernible skills or strengths. Your colleagues only see the negatives to your condition and make you feel like it is ‘just used as an excuse’.


At lunchtimes you seek refuge in the bathroom so you can secretly cry away from the others. You feel exhausted and drained but can’t see any alternatives.



You spend hours laying awake at night wondering if you can have a meaningful career with your health condition. You feel like most of the time you are desperately treading water, your head just barely hovering above the surface trying to keep your job.

If this is you, it’s time to take the Dream Career Matchmaker Assessment and understand exactly why you feel like there is a mismatch between you and your work.

You will learn:

  • What your signature strengths are and how to use them at work so you can create a more fulfilling job.

  • How to use your individual strengths to shift your focus from the negative to the positive, and avoid becoming overly self-critical.

  • How to define yourself by your skills and values not by your condition.

  • Whether the cause of your unhappiness at work is because you are not using your talents and personal strengths or whether other factors are having an influence.

  • What small straightforward steps you can take straight away to immediately feel more motivated and valued at work

  • Plus lots more insights based on your individual results!


 All this in under an hour and from the comfort of your home!

This is the first step to making something happen in your career so that you can stop treading water in your job and start living your best work life.

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How it works: An easy 4 step process

  1. Purchase the ‘Dream Career Matchmaker Assessment’ on my website.

  2. You will be sent a link by me to fill out a short 10 minute online assessment and will receive a detailed report.

  3. You will then have a 45 minute one-on-one tailored phone call coaching session with me.

  4. You will finish the session armed with an 18 page detailed report, a wealth of in depth knowledge about yourself and your career and an action plan filled with small straightforward steps to feel more motivated and valued


You may be thinking ‘this all sounds great, but I bet it’s really expensive, it must be if it’s going to help me live my best work life!’

Well the good news is I have a special offer currently running! You can get access to the ‘Dream Career Matchmaker Assessment’ for just £97 until the end of August only!

After this time it will be returning to it’s normal sale price

What a way to kick start your personal development and create a more fulfilling job! You can take control of your career by confidently showing your manager you want to be defined by your star qualities and not your condition.

Eleanor immediately built up a great rapport with me and I felt comfortable to be honest with her and discuss issues I felt were holding me back. We covered huge ground in one session and I have been thinking about the things I learnt ever since.


Eleanor made me feel comfortable immediately and was able to focus on issues and options I had not previously acknowledged or been aware of.