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Business Meeting

Performance Coaching Session

‘Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance’
Sir John Whitmore

Performance coaching focuses on helping individuals learn not teaching them how to do things. In a performance coaching session a coach will guide you to develop new skills and behaviours.

Many people think that performance coaching can only be useful if you are struggling with something or are not performing to the standards set by yourself or by others. Whilst performance coaching can be very beneficial in helping overcome psychological road blocks to performance it can also be used to enhance the performance of someone that is already doing well in their chosen area. Take for example high performing athletes, where a number of athletes are turning to Performance Coaches and Sports Psychologists to aid them in getting the competitive edge over their challengers. In the corporate world, a number of high performing business leaders and CEOs are turning to performance coaching to assist them to become more effective leaders in turn giving them an advantage over rival companies.

However you do not need to be at the top of your industry to benefit from performance coaching. Most of us aim to be better at what we do and performance coaching can help with that, whether you are just starting out on your journey or have years of experience. Here are a number of ways performance coaching can help you:

  • Build confidence

  • Set practical, achievable goals

  • Identify and maximise strengths

  • Develop a greater understanding of your values, ideals and needs

  • Address and overcome negative behaviour and thought processes that create road blocks

  • Eliminate the discrepancy between actual and desired performance

  • Tackle perfectionism