Blog roundup: Navigating the Stormy Seas of Chronic Health Conditions and Employment

So this blog post is a bit different. I’ve decided to reach out to fellow bloggers and chronic illness advocates to curate some of the best and most useful blogs on working with chronic conditions.

The blog is jam packed with information everything from organisations that cater to matching disabled and individuals with chronic conditions to flexible jobs, to bloggers talking about their own experiences of working with health conditions.

Personal Stories of Working with a Chronic Illness or Disability


Jenny from ‘Life’s a Polyp’ has written a fab blog post on working and living with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis and Short Bowel Syndrome.

Key takeaways

Jenny stresses the importance of finding a balance between looking after her health and her work and that finding an understanding employer has been the key to remaining in work. For more insights into Jenny’s experiences check out the link here.


Natasha Lipman works as a project manager for the BBC and has written a fab Q&A blog on disability and work and shares some of her experiences working for the BBC and running the BBC Extend in News scheme.

Key takeaways

I love what Natasha has to say about maybe needing to take more time off work when you have a long term condition or disability as that is an issue that quite often comes up with not just my clients but something i have also been worried about. Natasha suggests that good communication with your colleagues, team and manger is key here and to make sure your return to work is paced so you can get back to full health. To find out more about Natasha's experience click here.


Sandy’s blog ‘Just Live Forward’ has written a great blog sharing tips on ‘What you need to know about chronic ill and employment. In the post Sandy shares some insights from her own experience working with myositis and as cancer survivor.

Key takeaways

Sandy suggests that being honest with yourself and your employer is the key. Being realistic and honest about what you can and can’t do and also what you want to do. Also that knowing your employment rights as someone with a chronic condition or disability is key. To find out more of Sandy’s tips head over to her blog here.


Harper has written a fab blog post on how she manages her chronic illness alongside a thriving career. In the blog post Harper shares some great tips on not just surviving at work but thriving whilst living with a long term health condition.

Key takeaways

I particularly like Harper’s suggestions of ‘creating an optimal work environment’ by tailoring everything in your work environment to your needs. So often people with health conditions or a disability are the ones that have to adapt to their working environment and not the other way round so it’s refreshing to see some tips on how you can adapt your space. If you want to find out more of Harper’s tips check out the blog post here.


Hannah has written a great blog post for Colostomy UK on returning to work after a loop colostomy operation and managing a stoma at work.

Key takeaways

I really love that Hannah’s main message is to not overdo things if you are returning to work after an operation and breaking down the stigma by educating colleagues and customers about her stoma. To find out more about Hannah’s story click here.

Employment Resources

Pippa from ‘Life of Pippa’ has put together a fab blog post on ‘Finding accessible work with a Chronic Illness’ that is full of resources you can access ranging from mentoring schemes, work from home job opportunities and exploring freelance opportunities. To check out Pippa’s blog post follow the link here.

So the next two suggestions are not strictly blogs but both organisations do have some fab blog posts on working and employment for individuals with disabilities or chronic health conditions.


Astriid was set up by David Shutts following his cancer diagnosis and aims to ‘matches talented candidates with prospective employers, providing accessible work opportunities for those who are seeking them’. The organisation also has a fab blog promoting the stories of individuals experiences of working whilst living with a chronic illness. Go check it out here.

Chronically Capable

Chronically Capable was set up by Hannah after the gruelling treatment schedule she had to adhere to for her Lyme disease meant she was unable to cope with the physical demands of a traditional workplace. Chronically Capable is an employment platform that connects chronically ill professionals to companies looking to hire a digital workforce. As well as being a fantastic platform connecting job seekers and employers they also have a great blog sharing stories from their members and is well worth a read. Check it out here.

Managing a chronic condition and employment can be a challenge at the best of the times and can be especially lonely if colleagues and managers are not aware or supportive of your condition and what it entails. Sometimes just reading that others are having similar struggles can be helpful and it’s nice to know there are others in the same boat.

If you are struggling with a unpredictable condition and employment then be sure to download my FREE workbook ‘4 Easy Steps to Prioritising your Health at Work – Guilt Free’ for some tips on how to speak to colleagues and managers about your condition and planning for when you need time off to manage your condition. Download the workbook here.

If you have found it this blog helpful please share to social media and let me know if you know of any other fab blog posts on employment and chronic illness!

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