Steps to Success

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Are you tired of being held back by from achieving success in your work life by fear and uncertainty?

You know what you want to achieve but there is one issue that is stopping you that you just can't seem to get past!

Does this sound like you…


You want to take the next step at work, either a promotion or a sideways move into a different role, but you are unsure how to go about it.


You want to start up your own business or side project but are feeling overwhelmed about where to start and how you will manage other commitments alongside your new venture.


You find setting boundaries with your colleagues or managers difficult or struggle to manage your time and stress levels at work whilst coping with your chronic health condition and would like help to take back control of these issues.


You have received a new diagnosis of a chronic health condition and would like to explore how you can talk about it at work.


You are finding it difficult to manage your condition at work and feel like you may need to leave your job but you are scared and are unsure whether you will find another job  that you can fit in around coping with your condition. 

If this is the situation you are in then you have come to the right place, I can help!

I've designed my Steps to Success Coaching Program to specifically help you with getting past these issues so you can achieve your career dreams!

The Steps to Success Coaching Program consists of 3 x  50 minute one to one tailored coaching sessions with me (Eleanor) either in person sessions or online via Zoom. The sessions will follow this format:

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If you are thinking this is exactly what I am looking for, but how can I join the program?


How it Works and What to Expect:


  1. The first thing you can do is to schedule in below a FREE 30 minute consultation with me to talk more about whether the Steps to Success Coaching Program is definitely right for you and to find out more about my coaching style and the coaching process. 

  2. If you are happy to go ahead and join the coaching program you will receive an information sheet and contract from me to sign.

  3. Once that has all been returned and you have paid we can book in your first session and start your journey to becoming your best self at work!

Eleanor immediately built up a great rapport with me and I felt comfortable to be honest with her and discuss issues I felt were holding me back. We covered huge ground in one session and I have been thinking about the things I learnt ever since.