Rave Reviews

What Clients Have Said

“I would highly recommend Example Coaching and Consulting. Eleanor helped me to get back on track and build my confidence which I lost when my PMDD symptoms became so severe. Eleanor is kind, friendly, non-judgemental (which is great when you know your behaviour is so irrational!) and knowledgeable. I cannot thank Eleanor enough for helping me through such a difficult time.

Thank you!”



"I found Eleanor very professional and approachable. She helped me in a number of ways. I came away with practical and achievable goals to work on. And we also highlighted and looked at some negative thought processes that were holding me back. Enabling me to work through these to achieve my goals."


Eleanor was so kind to organise free 1-hour sessions during the Covid-19 outbreak and I was lucky enough to take advantage of one of them. I received nothing but respect and generosity throughout the whole process. I sent my information to her very late but this did not phase her at all and was able to just adapt very naturally. On the video-chat, she listened intently to my background and to the things that were inhibiting me from progressing further in my career. The techniques that she provided me with, I now use in my everyday routines (and not just in my career but in everyday chores in the house!). I was full of enthusiasm and self-confidence at the end of our chat. I will be booking in more sessions in the future,  without a shadow of a doubt. Highly recommended!



Eleanor clearly has a great wealth of knowledge which is equally matched by her friendly and professional manner when coaching. I felt really understood and came away with some fantastic, practical tools to help me with my future plans.


I enjoyed meeting Eleanor

very much... I felt that she confirmed

some mental preparation skills for competition, particularly setting myself

clear goals for training sessions. I also think the Circle of Concern, Influence

and Control is very useful for life in general.



Eleanor immediately built up a great rapport with me and I felt comfortable to be honest with her and discuss issues I felt were holding me back. We covered huge ground in one session and I have been thinking about the things I learnt ever since.