Thrive and Feel Alive at Work

Are you tired of feeling lost and being held back by your symptoms at work?

Are your symptoms causing you to lose all the self-confidence you had and to doubt yourself and your ability at work? 

Stressed Woman

Does this sound like you…


Your alarm goes off in the morning and you roll over dreading  going to work after a bad night’s sleep managing a pain flare up. You feel overwhelmed at the thought of a long day of meetings and projects whilst hiding how you feel,  you start to doubt your ability and question whether you can even cope having a job.


You sit down at your desk in the morning you feel excited to start the new project you have been thinking about only for the enthusiasm to slip away once you realise how big and overwhelming the project will be. You know what you want to achieve but you feel lost and stuck as to how to make it happen. Your realise that you have lost all your self-worth and confidence and there is no point even trying to start your new project.


At lunchtime you read another email from your manager pointing out all the mistakes you have made on a new project you have been working on you feel deflated and sick of feeling like all of your colleagues perceive you in a negative way and the impatience that follows when you need more time to work on projects. You feel fed up of trying to justify your idiosyncratic ways of working to them and feel powerless to advocate for yourself to receive more support.


You get home from work, walk in the front door and slump down on to the sofa exhausted at trying to hide your symptoms all day wishing you didn’t have to go back in tomorrow. You just want to be yourself at work without feeling like you are being judged and your competence questioned.

If this is the situation you are in then you have come to the right place, I can help!

I've designed my  Thrive and Feel Alive at Work Coaching Program  to specifically help you feel more confident and in control of your condition at work so you can be your best self at work!

The Thrive and Feel Alive Coaching Program consists of 8 x  50 minute one to one tailored coaching sessions with me (Eleanor) either in person sessions or online via Zoom. The sessions will follow this format:


Still not convinced?


Imagine having gone through the Thrive and Feel Alive Coaching Program and feeling like this instead.....

Your alarm goes off in the morning and you roll over feeling refreshed and ready to get to work, the recent flare up of symptoms hasn’t phased you, you’re feeling confident, armed and ready to handle whatever happens! You know how to bring your body back into balance, because you are in control of your symptoms now, they no longer control you!


At lunchtime you head out with your work colleagues to a local café, you catch yourself smiling in the shop window and you feel completely relaxed and at ease; you finally feel like you completely fit in with the team, you’re feeling so lucky to work with people that empower and appreciate the real you! 


It’s Friday afternoon, you’re ready to wrap up the day & as you give one last glance at your inbox, you spot an email from your manager-they want to discuss giving you a promotion! You’re  thrilled to finally be getting the recognition you secretly craved- all that hard work, resilience and commitment has paid off! 


You sit down to eat dinner with your family and your partner asks how the day went, you’re eagerly & happily sharing your successes when suddenly it dawns on you that hadn’t even thought about your symptoms all week!

If you are thinking 'I need to feel like this!' how can I join the program now'?

Then I am super excited because you've chosen to prioritise yourself and your health and I can't wait to work with you!


How it Works and What to Expect:


  1. The first thing you can do is to schedule in a FREE 30 minute consultation with me to talk more about whether the Thrive and Feel Alive Coaching Program is definitely right for you and to find out more about my coaching style and the coaching process. 

  2. If you are happy to go ahead and join the coaching program you will receive an information sheet and contract from me to sign.

  3. Once that has all been returned and you have paid we can book in your first session and start your journey to becoming your best self at work!